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Thank you for your interest in becoming a blog writer for The Panda Directory. All blog posts will be directed by our head of marketing, who needs to approve all articles before they are posted live.

We would love to receive your ideas and opinions about the world of coding and how it can affect your life or someone you know. Please see our guidelines below.

  • Articles should be at least 1200 – 1500 words in length, with preference given to longer articles (2000+ words)
  • Articles should address a relevant topic from the current news cycle, Real estate, Software, industry trends, or general “what is coding?” questions that we receive from outside sources often
  • Articles should be written in clear and concise language that is understandable to both personal coders and those who are new to coding
  • Articles should not use any jargon or acronyms without providing a clear definition of what the term means
  • Any information about specific courses must come from Oxford Coding School resources only

Want To Submit A Guest Post?

A blog post is a great way to promote your business/websites, get your name out there, and increase your search engine rankings. But where do you start? From what should you write about? When will you know that it’s ready to go live?

There are actually many questions that arise when thinking of starting a blog and writing for it. One main question is how do I know if my content is good enough?

Panda Directory is also about developing community and we are planning on to do that with our contributor platforms. Experts from different industries who are willing to write for us as frequent contributor and intend to establish the relationship with PR intermediaries are most welcome, However, we are going to set the bar high and will only say yes to incredible writers with credible authoritative knowledge in the respective fieldes.

Why You Should Write For Us?

We are a group of creative, smart and dedicated people who strive to make the world a better place. We are in the process of building a team of writers and editors to serve you with the best content. You can write for us for fun or for money – we don’t care about your motivation. But please note that we have strict standards when it comes to writing quality, grammar and punctuation, so if you don’t meet our requirements, we will kindly reject the article.

You may be wondering why you should write for us instead of someone else. Well, there are many reasons! For one thing, we offer an attractive compensation package that is not very common among online writing jobs. Besides that, there’s also great opportunities to become our permanent full-time staff and work from home or any other location on your own schedule.

Write for Us

The Write For Us section provides external opportunities for those interested in freelance writing.

The Write For Us section provides external opportunities for those interested in freelance writing. The following are three of the best sites that offer freelance copywriting jobs: also for the companies to write for us as a guest blogger and publish there paid articles and get better rankings on google,

How to Submit

If you want to write for us, submit your pitch or complete blog for consideration at admin@pandadirectory.com

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