If you believe in yourself and you have good skills with cameras, you can make a good living out of it. There are many renowned websites where you can sell your photographs. These websites can help you monetize your efforts and can pay you off in good terms.

Having known only one of two websites may be good but you need to explore more possibilities to diversify your income. For a professional photographer, these websites are highly recommended and for newbies, they are an inspiration for great work.

We have chosen a list of 10 useful websites where you can sell your photographs and earn a good living. These websites offer different means to sell your photographs. Here are the best of the best where you can sell you hard work and earn some good cash. If you know any other website you can surely comment at the end of this article.


With more than 60 million photographs and videos online, Alamy has a good number of customers from all over the world. There is a reason behind its success, which is way more than just having customers. They pay 50% of the royalty on each photograph sold. It is by far the largest online market place for a photographer.


Shutterstock has so far paid over $350 million to its contributor, which makes it the most visited and most common website on google. Selling photographs on Shutterstock has a number of advantage. After uploading your photographs in the marketplace, you can still keep the copyright. You can earn up to 30% on each photograph sold.

iStock Photo

It’s a good place for starters, who are willing to sell stock images. It has a very popular forum which helps in understanding the world of photo sales online. Royalty payout starts from as low as 15% on every download. The royalty payout totally depends on the popularity of your photograph. With increasing popularity, it can go up to 45%.

Photo Shelter

If you have your own website to sell your photographs, but you don’t have the right audience to engage, then Photo Shelter is the place you should look for. It can help you sell your own photographs through your own website. It’s a photography-oriented e-commerce platform, which can be integrated into any website. It also provides you with the cloud storage for your photographs, including some of the important features of SEO and social media.


It’s a product of Adobe and has more than 4 million buyers connected to it. Adobe Fotolia is an amazing website which can offer a great deal of royalty for selling your images. Fotolia pays 22% to 46 % as a royalty for every image sold. They transfer the money immediately in your account. This site has been operating for last 10 years and has more than 45 million customers. It’s also integrated with many Abode editing applications.


This site is based on contest selling. You can submit your photographs in different contests and win up to the highest bidder. You get paid and you can also retain your rights while the photograph gets sold online. This site is not that popular and yet it needs a lot of exposure. There are many contests currently going on, for example, Selfie shots in Singapore, Kids playing in Australia and Europe. You can get a chance to win $200 if you participate on any of the links.


It’s almost the same as PhotoShelter, but it has more visitors than PhotoShelter. If has a big platform, which enables you to showcase your work in a highly customized storefront. Its panel is very easy to use and you can manage your orders way to easily than any other competitive website. SmugMug lab is an interesting option you can use. You can sell prints, books, and greeting cards. You can also create coupons, photo packages and even see your analytics. You can keep up to 85% of the revenue you earn on selling your photographs.

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