I bring you good news: if you want to lose weight, you do not need to start a diet (although if you plan to do it, be one of these ) and you crush in the gym every day. Really not. In fact, you can start small by introducing some slight changes and start from there.

Just do not be in a hurry: losing weight is not a sprint, but a race in the background, and the more solid the changes you introduce in your habits, no matter how small, less effort will cost you and more likely you will not go back recovering the weight already lost.

1. Drink a lot, and make it water


Keeping hydrated helps you to feel better but can also help you lose weight : it has been proven that drinking a glass of water before meals consumes less calories (the hollow of your stomach will be partially full so you will feel sated before), and also Hydration could help to speed up metabolism slightly. Of course, forget about the famous two liters a day .

Of course, it is important that what you drink is water: no sugary sodas, no juices, no alcoholic beverages . All these drinks have an important caloric contribution without providing interesting nutritional qualities, which is just the opposite of what we want to achieve to lose weight.

2. More market and less supermarket

Also betting equally on your health and your weight, reduce the amount of processed foods you consume and bet on simpler meals prepared at home . A good way to achieve this is to make more purchases in the market than in the supermarket.

Processed foods may contain ingredients that we do not have, such as sugars, unhealthy fats or salt that make everything taste delicious but in return they provide us with calories that we do not consider, not to mention that they are not too healthy either.

It is true that some prepared foods can be comfortable and convenient, but try to be as little as possible, choosing for example already cooked vegetables or frozen vegetables ready to cook. To choose well, always look at the labeled ones.

3. Less meat and more vegetables

In general, it is always a good option to try to reduce the amount of food that comes from animal sources (meat, poultry, dairy, cold meats, sausages …) and opt for those of vegetable origin ( fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds …).


Among vegetable foods we can find some rich in complex hydrates , such as fruits, which are necessary to give us energy; others with many proteins , such as legumes; and many rich in dietary fiber , like most vegetables or seeds.

This does not mean to completely dispense with foods of animal origin (this is a personal decision), but try to reduce their consumption leaving the protagonism to vegetables .

4. Control the quantities

The only trick that really works to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than your body consumes, so you have to resort to accumulated fat as an extra source of energy. And to achieve that, we have to control not only what we eat, but also how much we eat .

To achieve this, here are two tips: always eat in a dessert dish , so that you deceive your eyes and in proportion you seem to be eating more, when it is not; and take the dishes already served to the table , to avoid the temptation to repeat or continue eating directly from the source when you have finished your ration.

The latter can also apply to all snacks, sweets or desserts you eat: serve your ration and return to store the container , so that you do not start eating without realizing it and end up finishing the package, the bag or the tub.

5. Pay attention to your food


We link with the previous advice because we often eat more without realizing it just because we are distracted by something else, be it work, television or anything else. In this way we start to peck and lose sight of how much we have eaten and whether we are still hungry or not.

When you eat, eat, and stop paying attention to other stimuli . Try to enjoy and taste the food, and when you are no longer hungry. So not only consume less calories, but you will enjoy much more of your meals.

6. Move as much as possible

Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, go walking or cycling and leave the car in the garage, go out on weekends to the mountains or walk your dog more often …

If training in the gym is not your thing or you do not want anything to sign up for spinning classes, replace it with other physical activities that fit better in your day to day . The goal is to keep you as active as possible.

So not only take care of your cardiovascular health, your joints and even your mental health, but also increase your daily calorie burn and get slim.

7. Sleep and rest


During sleep our body undergoes different cellular processes that are necessary to keep us healthy. On the other hand, when we do not get enough sleep, there are other problems that can lead to weight gain .

Mainly, the dream is necessary to regulate the production of ghrelin and leptin, two hormones that intervene in the sensations of hunger and satiety. If the hormonal regulation is not adequate, an imbalance may occur that leads us to overeat, eroding the effort to lose weight.

That’s why it’s important, for your weight and also for your health, that you rest what you need with sufficient quality sleep every night . If you have trouble sleeping, look for some tips to get it.

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