Summer is the ideal time to start taking care of ourselves, exercising and learning to maintain healthy habits. And the heat is here, the days are longer, the summer days and vacations begin, so we have more time. It is no longer so lazy to put on gym clothes or do outdoor sports. In addition, with the heat begins to fancy fresh food, salads and summer fruits.

Therefore, this is a great time to start improving our health, starting today. We tell you seven good habits that we can start to put into practice now.

Healthy breakfasts

It’s time to start getting rid of Cola-Cao breakfasts, cereals, pastries and cookies. It is true that in the mornings we do not usually have much time, and these types of breakfasts are quick. Sometimes we want to make healthier breakfasts, but it seems that they involve more time.

That’s why summer is a great time to start doing them. When we realize we will be part of our routine and every time will take less time to prepare them. The time difference will be minimal and the impact on our health will be maximum . From Vitónica we have offered other breakfast recipes ideal for summer. It’s time to start putting them into practice – and then tell us how it went.

More fruit and vegetables

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At this time of the year, the variety of fruit begins to increase, the fruit shops fill with color and even on the beach they offer melon and fresh coconut. This is the best time of year to start eating more fruit and more vegetables. In fact, it is no coincidence that in summer the consumption of vegetables increases.

In summer, they want more salads that help us to alleviate the heat or consume star dishes such as salmorejo or gazpacho. Fruits and vegetables will help keep us hydrated, but not only that, but they help us reduce our cardiovascular risk, improve our dental health, lose weight, prevent asthma and allergies and much more. of benefits.


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Sometimes in winter we forget that we have to stay hydrated, but in summer it is difficult to ignore the need to consume water and we do it with pleasure. One of the usual doubts is, how much water you have to drink per day and how to get to the right consumption without getting bored of the water bottle.

The adequate water consumption depends on the sex, physical condition, age and level of activity of each person. In addition, the climate in which they live also influences. However, in adults the optimal consumption is around 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 for women.

Because of our habits, it can be hard to get to consume – not just drink, but ingested through food – that amount of water. Therefore, summer is a great time to take advantage of the opportunities it offers, such as the always delicious lemonades . In addition to helping us stay hydrated, it gives us vitamin C.

Outdoor sport

An undeniable truth is that the idea of ​​getting out from under the blanket to go running in the rain, or to the gym with cold, is not the most desirable in the world. However, in summer, with the warmth and the endless hours of sun, you really want to go out and enjoy the day.

That’s why summer is a good time to start doing outdoor sports. From going for a bike ride or running, to group sports, like going out to play soccer or basketball. We can also make use of those outdoor tennis courts that we find in many sports centers – and even free in some cities – or the circuits and equipment found in some parks.

The options are there and now is the opportunity to start taking advantage of them.

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This seems like a simple habit, but it is not. With the rhythms of life that we often have, cooking is one of the last things we want to do. We end up pulling precooked or simple things, which are usually the least advisable for our body.

That’s why, now that we have a little more time – and even energy – it’s a good time to start cooking, to try to make healthy and simple recipes. Once the habit is acquired, it will be much easier to continue doing it when we do not have so much time.

To start, it is a good idea to learn to cook a series of cold soups, which offer us the hydration, vegetables and vegetables that we need.

Another ideal option is to learn how to make healthy ice cream. This will help us not to fall into less healthy temptations outside the home and, at the same time, not give up the pleasure of a good ice cream. We recently gave you the recipe for seven delicious and healthy ice creams such as cherries or banana and avocado.

Protect us from the sun

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This habit may seem necessary only in the summer, but it is not. Our skin, especially that of the face, is affected by the sun’s rays every month of the year. Therefore, summer is a good time to buy a good sunscreen for the body and another for the face and do not stop using the latter throughout the year. Or, at least, remember that our skin must be protected also in winter.

There are numerous sun creams especially indicated for the skin of the face. If these seem too heavy – especially if we are going to use makeup – makeup bases, moisturizers, pre-bases and BB creams with protection factor are sold.

This time of year is the best time to take advantage of the benefits of the sun and vitamin D that it provides, but learning to do it safely.

Say goodbye to stress

The sun on the skin, the sea, lie on the grass or even stop on a terrace to have a drink and chat with your companions. In summer we feel more relaxed and that gives us many more opportunities to rest and enjoy the little things.

We can begin to spend more time with our friends, perform physical exercise or learn relaxation techniques such as yoga -which can also be done outdoors and even on the beach-. This is a great time to adopt habits that help us get rid of daily stress and learn to keep them for the rest of the year.

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