I usually think that we work the gluteus quite badly and resort to ineffective exercises or directly we do not use the necessary load, but if we talk about the gluteus medius this muscle is even more forgotten.

Our glutes are divided into three: the gluteus maximus, medium and low. The medium is in charge of movements of hip abduction or, what is the same, movements in which a leg moves away from the center of our body to the outside.

This muscle is responsible, among other things, for maintaining the stability and position of the hip and if we do not work properly or its development is inferior to the rest it can cause injuries in the lower body.

Therefore, we are going to see today several exercises that we can do to emphasize this part of the gluteus and avoid possible injuries. If you want to work the other parts here is a list of the five best exercises for the gluteus.

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Hip Thrust with elastic band

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If we always add an elastic band to Hip Thrust above our knees, we will be working like that on the gluteus medius. The rubber makes our legs go inwards and we, using the gluteus medius, must push against the band .

To do this exercise remember, place the band above the knees, support the top of your back on a high bench and support the bar in your pelvis using rubber to cushion. In this position, with the gluteus resting on the floor you must elevate it by forming a 90Âș angle with your legs and noticing the contraction of the gluteus in each repetition.

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Pulley hip abduction

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In this case we will focus directly on the gluteus medius working hip abduction and using a lower pulley as ballast. To do this exercise, we simply place a low pulley on its side, attaching it to the leg that is farthest from the pulley. Then, controlling the movement at all times and keeping the leg straight we performed the abduction in a controlled manner keeping the movement in the final part a bit.

It is important to hold with your hands to prevent the thrust of the pulley varies the position of the torso and also keep your back straight and controlled at all times. In this exercise, it does not benefit us to make explosive pulls, but it is better to control the movement and perform it slowly.

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Abductors in machine

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This is another exercise, in this case in machine, in which we work directly hip abduction and therefore the gluteus medius and, in this case, also the gluteus maximus. When performed on the abductor machine it has no complexity at the time of execution, but if we have to take several things into account.

There are people who mobilize the torso during each repetition and it is important that this does not participate in the movement, simply sit relaxed and keep the torso leaning back comfortably. On the other hand, avoid sudden and unnecessary movements.

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Pistol Squats

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This exercise is very complex and requires a lot of balance and strength, but it is an effective way to work the quadriceps and the gluteus in its entirety, including the gluteus medius. In this case, when doing the squats to one leg we require hip abduction to maintain the balance of the movement and that is why the gluteus medius is worked more than in the normal squat.

We begin to descend in this movement with one leg forward and our hips back while the support foot flexes. You have to keep your back straight and your heel must remain supported on the floor at all times.

An option to start with this movement is to do it without going down until hitting our glute on a gym bench for example. Little by little we can increase the descent and go deeper until we can complete a full squat.

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Monster walks

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This is another exercise with which we can work our gluteus medius in addition to strengthening the knees . To do this we put an elastic band around our legs at the ankles and, with the legs semi-flexed, we take side steps.

The greater the amplitude of the step and the lower the body to give it, the greater the involvement of our glutes, so it begins little by little and increases the distance of each step.

Avoid, during the steps, bend the knees inward or tilt the hip. If you put your arms in a jar on your hip, it will be easier for you to keep your balance and move correctly.

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