Today, we are going to present fitness plan for beginners. This plan is meant for everyone who wants to stay fit and maintain his good shape. In our earlier post, we discussed the essentials that are required for a successful plan, please check it out if you missed it. We also discussed the ups and downs of any personal fitness routine.

In order to start with your custom fitness-workout plan, you have to develop easy-to-follow training routine. It should emphasize on the basic exercises to make a strong base of the entire workout. The purpose of this DIY workout plan is also to prepare you for some strong foundations. So that you can keep a follow-up and create a more advanced routine with the passage of time. This plan will serve you if you want to gain muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, it will tone your legs and arms. Apart from these, it will also allow you to lose some weight, and gain strength.

It is a 4-week follow-up plan, after which, one must begin to carry out a more severe training routine. The tougher routine will have a variety of movements and exercises to fit your body. This custom plan is for beginners and it will allow you to start off your fitness routine, and build it up towards an expert level. In the future posts, we will also discuss expert training plans and routines in details, so that you can have a follow-up workout.

Before starting off with your exercise, the important tip is to take small breaks. The breaks should be brief, taking 1-minute rest between any two series of exercise. For those of you who cannot keep up with the rhythm, let’s set the rest time to your custom possibilities. Do remember to gradually decrease it once you have the required stamina. All individuals have a different stamina, so keeping up with a 1-minute target might be difficult at first.

Fitness Plan for Beginners

Monday, Tuesday

  • 3 × 6 Push-ups
  • 3 × 6 Squat jumps
  • 3 × 6 Diamond push-ups
  • 3 × 6 Crunch
  • 3 × 6 Vertical scissors
  • 20 Minutes of Speed walking

Wednesday, Thursday

  • 3 × 6 Russian Twist
  • 3 × 6 Push-ups
  • 3 × 6 Bicycle Abs
  • 15 minutes of static bicycle/ speed walking

Friday, Saturday

  • 3 × 10 Squats
  • 3 × 6 Crunch
  • 3 × 6 Bulgarian squat(3 for each leg)
  • 3 × 6 Strides
  • 20 minutes of static bicycle/ Speed walking


  • Rest day

An essential part of a good routine is to include each and every muscle group in it. We have tried to include all of them for an appropriate and well-balanced workout. These exercises will give you strength and will increase your immunity against sickness and harsh weather conditions. Do follow the plan and keep track of your performance. Keep yourself motivated all the time and remember one thing “Fitness is not an option, it’s a way of life”

We hope you enjoy our new DIY fitness plan for beginners. Feel free to ask any questions, you can also have a tailored fitness routine according to your needs. Our fitness guru is just a click away.

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Happy Workout!

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