Every one of us is so messed up in our routine that we sometimes forget to think about the solution to our daily problems. However, if solved once and for all with the help of technology, all of us would be in a better and easier world.

Today, we are going to share these simple yet genius design solutions to make your life so much easy. The aim of these solutions is to resolve our everyday concerns beautifully while using common things.

1. Elevator Button

This elevator button is placed in the corridor and you can reach it before you reach the elevator. If you press it, the elevator will arrive just short of you reaching the elevator door. So, no wait time for the elevator, hence problem resolved with a simple and genius design solution!

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2. Waiter Call Button

If this mini remote control is placed in every table at the restaurant, it would be much easier to call the waiter. To add up to the advantage, there are three buttons, which can even tell the waiter what he actually needs to do at your table.

© unknown author/reddit  

3. Tip Machine

This machine collects tip, and is really handy if you’re out of cash!

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4. Sauce Containers

This sauce container has space to store sauces, it is a best solution for people who spend a lot of time finding the one they actually need. It is easy to carry and would prevent the sauce from spreading around.

© VoodooMamaJuuju/reddit  

5. Try Room Labels

This trying room has hooks with unique labels. These are a life saver for someone looking for the perfect outfit!

© Pumpkinspice90/reddit  

6. Shopping Cart Calculator

If you want to know the price of each product easily by adding them in your cart, then this is your perfect solution. Moreover, it will tell you the exact total of your shopping.

What a genius life saver for me!

© Afrocean/reddit  

7. Baby Carriage Scooter

Want some entertainment along with a stroll for your baby? This is your perfect pick.

© unknown author/imgur  

8. Drinking Water Fountain

This water fountain can be used by you and your pet all at once!

© Somethingclever13/reddit  

9. Teabag Holding Cup

This cup has a built-in hole to carry a tea bag, No more hassle to tag it along the holder or to throw it off.  

© japaneseholler/reddit  

10. Kids Tap Extension

This tap has an extension so that you little one doesn’t have to climb the sink and wash his hands. This design solution is perfect if you have naughty kids who’re very interested in water.

© amazon  

11. Gum Wrapping Paper

This gum comes along with a wrapping paper that can be used to roll the gum before discarding. This saves you and all of us from a lot of trouble removing it from places where we never thought it would stick!

© nt261999/reddit  

12. Extension Socket

Wires are a misery! This socket comes with an extension that can be dragged anywhere for use. It can be fold off once you’re done with it.

© yankodesign  

13. Toilet Seat Wash Basin

This wash basin is located right above the toilet seat. No need to go to the sink to wash your hands now. Also the water that it uses, can be reused while flushing the toilet!

© NTDTelevision/facebook  

14. Grass Friendly Heels

How many times have you read that no shoes are allowed over a piece of beautiful grass? If these nozzles are placed right on the heels of your shoe, they won’t damage grass anymore. This is a perfect solution if you want to become friends with perfectly mowed lawns!

© club45483154/vk.com  

15. Ice Cream with Vine

This ice cream is a perfect blend of our favorite ice cream flavor with vine. So, try it out if you want to increase the amount of joy in your meal!

© mercer  

Guys this is all for today, hope you liked our simple yet genius design solutions to make your life so much easy. Do try them out and do share your comments and feedback with us.


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