Most of us want to reduce weight and get that perfect body shape that we crave. Some of us have decided that these fats are our fate and they don’t workout enough to get rid of them. This probably is the worst decision that you took towards leading a healthy life. Back in the nineties, a 10 minutes daily workout plan was shared by renowned supermodel Cindy. She released complete videos of the workout routine that she used to follow in order to get a perfect body shape. Having tried them personally, the success of these workouts is amazing. These exercises do not require any sort of special equipment, they don’t require you to go to any gym. Just start doing them regularly for 10 minutes daily and you’d see the drastic improvement towards your body transformation.

Based on the exercises released by Cindy Crawford, we have come up with a 10 minutes daily workout plan to transform your body entirely. Follow it up if you want to get amazing weight loss results in as low as 10 minutes a day.

1. Outward Knee Squats

The first thing in your workout plan should be your legs. While pointing your shoulders outwards, open your legs a little more than the width of your shoulders. While staying in this position you’ve to perform ten deep squats. This can be done while you place your hands on your hips and keep on pushing them in an active fashion.

2. Lunges

Giving your legs a bit more attention, you have to perform 10 lunges. This is one of the most simple and efficient exercises for your legs.

3. Perform Squats in a Sitting Position

Place both your hands on your hips and start off with your legs open as much as the width of your shoulders. Taking this as a starting position, perform ten squats. This time you’d perform them a bit differently. You’ve to imagine that you’re sitting on a chair while performing a squat.

After performing ten squats, you’ve to perform ten lunges once again.

4. Perform Squats with Your Legs Joined Together

The last type of squats in this workout plan and performed while keeping your legs joined together. If you place your hands forward, then the position would be idea. You’ve to perform ten reps of squats, and as mentioned before, you’ve to do ten lunges once again after this.

5. Partial push ups

After you’ve given enough attention to your legs through this workout plan, now it’s time to start working out on your chest and abs. Lie down on your stomach and place your palms on the ground a shoulder length apart. Perform ten push-ups while raising just your upper body. Once ten reps are done, perform another set of ten.

6. Partial Body Lift

Lie down on your back while placing both your hands behind your neck. Using the force generated by your upper body and hands, pick up your body and perform twenty reps. Make sure that your back is not being raised every time you pick up your upper body.

7. Full Body Lift

Staying in the same position as the previous workout, raise your knees. Place your hands on the back of your neck and perform a complete body lift. The entire upper body till your hip must be raised twenty times to complete this exercise.

8. Workout for your Abs

Lie down on your back and raise both your knees like explained in the previous step. Place your left hand behind your neck and your right hand must lie straight beside you. Raise your right leg and place it on top of the left. Stay in this position and perform a partial lift sideways in such a way that you left elbow touches your right knee. Do this twenty times and change the arm and left to perform twenty more reps.

9. Raising Legs

In order to get the lower belly muscles in shape, this exercise is the best. Just like in previous step, lie down on your back. This time both your hands must lie beside you. Being in this position raise both your legs at once until your hips are raised. Perform this step twenty times and that’s it.

Always remember that you’ve to perform a warmup before starting any exercise session. These 9 workout positions would help you transform your body in just a 10 minutes daily routine. Match this workout with a balanced and healthy diet to get perfect results in as little time as possible.

If you’re starting out from scratch, you can try our fitness plan to create a much detailed and regular workout routine. Apart from this, if you’re just starting off with your weight loss plan and want to compliment workout with diet, then you should try out 5 days weight loss diet plan for beginners. If both these plans are started with good composure and hard work, you can achieve required weight loss results in a matter of months.

Guys, this is all for today, hope you liked our 10 minutes workout plan to transform your body entirely. Do share your experience and queries with us, and don’t forget to Subscribe.

Happy Workout!

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